I love Animal Crossing New Horizons because it gives me a new world to love and be creative in! It is another place for my talent to shine!

That's why I wanted to bring this theme to life to make the world of productivity fun! Animal Crossing is my home and I hope you feel the same as well.

Creator: @Elisa T.

🖼 Themed Packages:Gamify Your Life (FREE)

Set Up Time: 10-15 mins

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☀️ Create Your Own Island! 🏝️

Use the customizable toggles such as Town Hall & Resident Services to bring your life into the new and improved Animal Crossing Island!

💰 Make Your Bells Everyday!💰

Make your to-do-list fun by earning bells and Nook Mile tickets! Use the Daily Quests to show off your pictures!

🐱 Add Your Own Villagers!🐶

Have your friends and family join in on your Animal Crossing New Horizons Island as their favorite villagers!

What You'll Get 🤯

This animal crossing theme costs $1. This one time purchase includes: